Door Hanger Reminder


I1 qty. Acrylic Doorhanger #30016036

1 qty. 4” x 10” Printed Paper

1 qty. 3 ” x 6” Solid Paper

1 qty. 18” of ” ribbon for marker holder

Black fine tip marker #91029

Bistro Chalk Marker by Marvy Uchida – color choice

Double stick tape#30013283


Optional – additional embellishments to decorate frame




Paper trimmer #30017631

Sharp scissors



Slip the 4” x 10” printed paper into the acrylic doorhanger, aligning the bottom and one of the side edges. Use the pencil to trace the outer edges and the inside of the circle. Remove and use the paper trimmer to trim the straight outer edges along the pencil lines. Use the sharp scissors to cut out the circle.


Center the 3 ”x 6” solid paper in the area below the circle. Adhere with the double stick tape. Use the black marker to write along the top “Got everything?” or a similar message. Slip the piece back into the acrylic doorhanger. You can use a little piece of double stick tape to tack down and hold in place under the frame.


Wrap a piece of double stick tape around the cap of the Bistro Chalk Marker. Take one end of the ribbon and tie around the tape on the cap. Knot securely. The tape helps hold the ribbon in place. Tie the other end of the ribbon around the side through the circle opening.


Use the chalk marker to write reminders on the doorhanger. Hang doorhanger on the doorknob so you will see it before you leave your house or office.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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