Double Slider Gift Card Holder


1 qty. 4 ” x 11” Cardstock for card base
1 qty. 3 1/4” x 3 3/4” Cardstock – coordinating color for front pocket (piece A)
1 qty. 3” x 3 ” White Cardstock for stamped images on front pocket piece A
1 qty. 2 1/4” x 3 ” Cardstock for slider holding gift card (piece B)
1 qty. 3 ” x 5” Cardstock – coordinating color for back slider (piece C)
1 qty. 3 1/4” x 4 ” White Cardstock for stamped images/wording for piece C
2 qty. 1” circle of Cardstock for slider mechanics
2 qty. ” circles of Cardstock for slide mechanics
Stamped and colored images of your choice
Foam Pop Up Glue dot squares #30103262 or circles 30008289 & 30008288
Glue Dots #30001509
” Meriken Double stick tape #30013284
Ruler and pencil
Swivel Craft Knife #30088122 and cutting mat #30065911
Sharp scissors
1 1/2” circle punch #30090341
1/4” Hole Punch #77178558
8” of ribbon for pull
Optional: Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578

Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 3




Take the 4 ” x 11 cardstock and score at the 5 ” mark. Fold and crease well to form the card base. For this card, the fold is on the BOTTOM.

Open up the card, you will need to cut 2 slots on the top half of the card. For the slot on the left, measure ” up from the fold on the bottom and 1 ” in from the left edge. Using a pencil, draw a rectangle 1 ” high by 3/8” wide. You can round the ends if you like. Draw another rectangle on the right side using the same measurements and working 1 ” in from the right edge. The two rectangles should be about 1” apart. Place the open card on the cutting mat. Using the craft knife, cut out the two slots. On the top edge of this side, use the 1 ” circle punch and punch out part of the circle in the center. This will make it easier to pull out the slider. Lastly, place a strip of double stick tape along the edges on both sides but do not remove the protective covering yet.

Stamp and color images as desired on 3” x 3 ” cardstock for the front pocket of the card. Center and adhere to the 3 ” x 3 ” colored cardstock. On the back side, place foam pop up glue dots along both side edges (top to bottom). Set aside for now, this is pocket piece A for the front of the card.

Center and attach the gift card to the 2 ” x 3 ” cardstock with just a little double stick tape so that it will be easy to remove. Set aside for now, this is piece B.

Stamp and decorate the top of the 3 ” x 4 ” cardstock for the back slider, staying within the top 1 ”. You may wish to stamp a sentiment here. Center and adhere onto the 3 ” x 5” colored cardstock. Use the ” hole punch to make a hole at the center top and slip your ribbon through to make the “pull” for the slider. Set aside for now, this is the back slider piece C.

Take the two 1” cardstock circles and place a foam pop up glue dot in the center of each. The foam dots need to be smaller than the 3/8” or you will need to cut the slots wider to accommodate your foam dots. On the other side of the circles, place a glue dot.


Assembling the card:
Take back slider piece C and place inside of the card base. Center piece C and align the top edges together with the card base, with the ribbon pull at the top.

Remove the protective covering on the double stick tape along the side edges. Next, place the 1” circles inside of the slots at the bottom, with the foam dots facing out and the glue dots facing in. Remove the glue dots protective sheets. VERY CAREFULLY, close the card. The side edges should adhere and the 1” circles should adhere to the back slider. Next, remove the protective covering on the foam pop up dots on the 1” circles (they should be sticking out between the slots) Place the ” cardstock circles on the foam dots. You should now be able to pull the ribbon and have the back slider slide up to reveal the sentiment.

Next, put a glue dot on each of the ” circles. Make sure circles are on the bottom of the slot. Take the gift card piece B and place on top, align the bottom of the gift card piece with the bottom of the ” circles.

The last step is to remove the protective coverings on the foam dots of the front pocket piece A. Center piece A over the gift card, making sure it is hidden. Adhere to the front of the card base.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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