Dragonfly Keychain

Keiki Project



22 Pony Beads – body color B

36 Pony Beads – wing color W

2 Black Pony Beads #30006269 for eyes

2 yards of rattail cording or similar

1 lanyard hook #77403501

1 split key ring #77403527





NOTE: Sample used Dk. Amethyst pony beads #30006256 for the body and AB Purple #30006389 for the wings.



Click to download diagrams:

Step 1 to 12

Step 12 to 15




Fold the rattail in half to find the center. Slip knot the cord at the center onto the lanyard hook. Separate the two ends of the rattail. Follow the diagrams to string the pony beads onto the rattail Basically, you will be stringing beads onto one side of the rattail and then stringing the other end of the rattail through the beads in the opposite direction, or “crossing through” to make each row. In the instructions, the ends of the rattails are labeled as PINK and GREEN to make it easier to follow the diagrams.


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