Dragonfly Knot


5” x 7” Bent Acrylic Frame #7745 8828

Red Mulberry Paper #7769 8266

Heidi Grace “Elements” Character Cardstock #3002 8136

5” x 7” Red Cardstock

6.5” x 4.5” Black Cardstock

Double stick tape #3001 3283

Photo (4” x 4” or smaller)


1. Take the A end of the cording and make a loop at the center point and hold in place with your hand.

2. Take A and make a second loop slightly overlapping the first loop. There should be 3 spaces within the loops.

3. Take A and thread down through the far right space, come up through the center then down through the left space. Do not tighten cording yet. There should be 3 loops.

4. Take A down through the space in the loop 3 and back up through the center of loop 2. This completes the knotting for the ball.

5. To close the knot and create the ball, pull both A & B evenly. You will need to work the cording as each loop is pulled close. When all the cords are tight, the ball will form.

6. Next, we create the wings using a variation of the Virtue knot. Place the ball knot at the center and separate A & B. Take A and make an overhand knot below the ball with the loop facing the left. Do not tighten the knot.

7. Next take B and slip through loop 1 and tie an overhand knot to form loop 2.

8. At the same time, pull the 2 loops through the overhand knots.

9. Continue pulling the loops to tighten the knot. Loosen and tighten to adjust the size of the loops. Make the wings about an inch long on either side.

10. Repeat steps 6 - 9 to form the second set of wings directly below the first pair.

11. To form the body of the dragonfly, you will tie a series of square knots. Separate A & B. Take A and tie an overhand knot over B. Tighten knot.

12. Take B and tie an overhand knot over A. Tighten knot. Continue until your Dragonfly's body is about an inch long.

13. Finishing - Snip off excess cording and dab a little glue to the ends to prevent fraying. Glue the pinback to the body by the wings.

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