Dragonfly Stencil Card

By Dayle Stroup



  1. Blank 4.25” x5.5” greeting card & envelope

  2. Vellum 3.25”x5”

  3. Corner Adorner – choice of design

  4. Two – 3/16” eyelets choice of color

  5. 8-in of coordinating ribbon

  6. Rubber stamps – choice of design

  7. Ink pad – choice of color

  8. Glue

  9. Embossing tool

  10. Removable tape

  11. Wax paper





Begin by placing the stencil on the front of vellum and securing with removable tape. Turn the paper over andrub the back of the paper with a small piece of wax paper. This makes the tool glide smoothly over the vellum and will help to keep the vellum from tearing. Using the embossing tool, outline the design only. No need to fill in the open spaces.


Turn card over, stamp image onto the front of the card. Allow ink to dry.


Use corner adorner to punch two button corners of the blank card. Place the vellum in the punched slot, add two eyelets at the to of the card, add ribbon.


  2005 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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