Duct Tape Bow


18” of Duct Tape for the Bow - color/print #1
3” of Duct Tape for the middle wrap – color/print #2
Sharp Scissors or craft knife #30077493 and cutting mat #30065911
Ruler Finishing

Small hairclip #30120156 or 30120158
Bobby pin
Ball Chain (key chain length) #30119854

NOTE: It is important to keep the sticky sides of the duct tape from adhering to each other before it is set in the correct place.




Measure out 18” of duct tape. Place the duct tape in front of you with the adhesive side up.
Very carefully, take the left end of the tape and start to fold it over to the other side. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT LET THE STICKY SIDES OF THE TAPE TOUCH EACH OTHER YET.
Bring the left end of the tape down, about 1/2” away from the right end of the tape. Align the bottom edges and carefully press the tape together to create a double sided piece of tape.
Take the folded end on the left and bring it over to the 1/2” edge and tape together, creating a tube.
Position the spot where the ends meet to the center of the tube. Squeeze the top and bottom edges together, forming the bow shape.
Take the 3” of duct tape and cut the width into thirds. Take one piece and use it to wrap around the middle of the bow to hold its shape in place. Shape the bow’s outer loops.
Finishing: For the hair – Slip small hair clip or bobby pun under the center wrap. Pin to hair. For a bag charm: Slip a key chain length ball chain under the center wrap and attach to bag handle.


2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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