Duct Tape Rose


1 Roll of Duct Tape – for rose color
1 Green Duct Tape for Leaves and stem
1 Jumbo Straw #24000148 – for the stem
Craft Knife #30077493 and Cutting Mat #30065911

Pin Back E-6000
glue #30078037





Make sure that the cutting mat surface is clean and dry.

1) Roll the tape out onto the cutting mat. Use either the markings on the mat or a ruler to measure out 2” lengths and cut with the craft knife.

2) Take one 2” piece and place it with the adhesive side facing up.

3) Take the bottom right corner and fold up and over to form a triangle, making sure to leave adhesive on the vertical left and horizontal top edges, as shown.

4) Take the top right corner and bring it down to the left bottom corner to form a triangle, leaving the adhesive on the left vertical edge.

5) From the bottom, rollup the piece along the left edge. This is the center rose bud.

6) Now, repeat steps 1 – 4 with two pieces of tape. These are your first two rose petals. Place the rose bud in the center of one petal and wrap the petal around. Take the second petal and place it opposite of the first and wrap around.

a) If you want to have the rose on a stem, place the bottom of the bud inside one end of the straw. As you add more petals, have the first few adhere to both the straw and the rose bottom to secure.

b) If you are planning to make a pin, don’t place it in the straw and just add your petals to the bottom of the rose as you shape the flower

7) Continue steps 1 – 4 to make more petals. Continue placing the petals between each other as you start to build layers of petals. Make the rose as large as you want.


Rose stem – When you are done making the rose, you can wrap green duct tape around the straw for the stem. To add leaves, you can adhere to sheets of green duct tape together. Cut out a leaf shape and attach to the stem as you wrap the stem with more green duct tape.
Rose Pin – If you are making a pin, take the rose and flatten the bottom a little. Add leaves if you want and adhere to the bottom with more tape. Glue a pin back to the bottom using the E-6000 glue or similar.





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