Duct Tape Wallet


1 qty. Roll of Duct Tape
Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
Straight Edge Metal Ruler





 NOTE: A basic wallet is approximately 7” long when open. If you want to include small inner pockets for credit cards, etc. ,it will need to be at least 8” long.


1) Lay a 7” – 8” strip of duct tape onto a clean cutting mat.TIP: It helps if you keep the tape aligned with the measurement markings on the mat. You can use a dollar bill as a guide. (Fig. 1 & 2)

2) Lay 4 strips of tape across the mat, overlapping the top edge of the strip before about ” to create one large piece of duct tape. (Fig. 3 & 4)

3) Peel the large piece of duct tape off the mat and place it back on the mat, adhesive side up and with the strips running vertically. (Fig. 5)

4) Repeat step 2, covering the adhesive side of the large piece with rows of overlapping duct tape. (Fig. 6)

5) Use your ruler and craft knife along with the mat marked lines to straighten up the edges of the large two sided piece. (Fig. 7)

6) Going lengthwise, fold over a piece of duct tape along the raw edges of the top and bottom of the piece. These will be the opening edges of your wallet, so you want to reinforce them. (Fig. 8)

7) Place the piece in front of you, lengthwise. Fold the piece in half to start forming the wallet. (Fig. 9)

8) If you do not want to add any inner pockets to your wallet, skip own to step #11 To make an inner pocket, take a piece of tape about 8” long and fold in half, adhering the two adhesive sides together. Place the piece on the inner side that you want the pocket. Unfold the wallet. (Fig. 10)

9) Place a piece of duct tape across the bottom of the piece to secure the bottom opening. (Fig. 11)

10) Take a piece of duct tape the vertical length of the piece and cut in half lengthwise. (Fig. 12)

11) Take one of the strips and place on the inner side of the pocket, going from the top of the wallet piece to the bottom. Trim off any excess tape. Fold the piece back into a wallet. (Fig. 13)

12) Align the outer edges of the wallet. Take about 4” of duct tape and tape up the only the outer side with pocket. Trim off any excess tape. (Fig. 14 & 15)

13) Fold the wallet closed. By folding the wallet closed, you are helping to shape the wallet. Re-align the un-taped outer edge of the wallet. Tape up the other outer edge of the wallet. Trim off excess tape. (Fig. 16)

14) Fold your wallet closed. It will take a little for it to conform and stay closed. (fig.17)




2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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