Hearty Clay Earth Day Pin


Sky Blue Hearty Clay #3003 0923
Green Hearty Clay #3003 0919
True Red Hearty Clay #3003 0921
Hearty Clay Color Scale tool #7785 6054
Hearty Clay 3-piece Tool Set #7736 1006
Tacky Glue #7760 9875
Pin Back #7712 6987 or #7740 3337
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks



Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale Tool, measure out two “I” of Sky Blue Hearty Clay. Roll into a ball and flatten into a circle about 2” in diameter, set on the side. This is the “Earth”.

Trace and cut out the patterns for the continents. Measure out “G” of Green Hearty Clay and flatten into a piece at least 3” x 2”. Place the patterns for the continents onto the clay. Use the clay tools to trace around the patterns and cut out the clay shapes.

Place the clay continent pieces onto the “Earth” referring to the finished sample. Gently press the pieces on to secure. Use a little Tacky glue if necessary.

Measure out an “E” ball of True Red Hearty Clay. Flatten slightly into a teardrop. Use the clay tool to indent the center of the larger side of the teardrop. Separate and smooth to shape into a heart. Place heart onto the “Earth”. Use the tool to pinch around the edges of the heart. Let dry. Glue pin back behind “Earth” to wear.

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