Earths Elements


Wire Mesh (30131618)
Wooden Bead (30136994)
Fundametals brand:
Metal Filigree Bead (30120342)
Head Pin (30124313)
Eye pin (30124316)
Chain (30124364)
Fishhooks (30124322)

Round Nose Pliers




Cut 3 inches of mesh (one for each side)
Stretch mesh by pulling on right and left sides to make a wavy pattern.
Add 1 metal filigree bead to eye pin, then in a running stitch fashion, weave mesh on to eye pin until you reach the end.
Add another filigree bead above the mesh, then create a loop to attach to the ear wire.
Using the headpin, string on wood and filigree bead, make a loop at the top, then attach to the bottom of the mesh piece.


Measure chain to desired length
Cut 2 pieces of mesh (3 inches each)
Cut three pieces of chain (short) to attach to the bottom of an eye pin (this is the bottom of the necklace).
On the eye pin, string on 1 filigree bead, make a loop, then attach to a second eye pin.
On the second eye pin, string on 1 filigree bead then weave stretched out mesh (running stitch like above).
Add a filigree bead, then make a loop to attach to the bottom of the wooden piece
Using a head pin (head will be on the inside of the bead), make a loop to connect the bottom of the wood bead to the mesh and chain bottom.
Using a head pin, make another loop on the top part of the bead in order to attach to the second mesh piece.
On the last eye pin, string on a filigree bead, then weave the mesh (as above), then add another filigree bead, and then create a loop.
Use this loop to connect the two ends of the long chain to complete the necklace.



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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