Easter Basket

1 qty. 4 ” L x 4 ”H Cardstock, preferably printed on both sides
1 qty. ” x 6” Cardstock for handle
1 qty. ” x 6” Cardstock for handle
” Meriken double-stick tape #30013284

MS Score Board #30103578 or similar scoring tools
Medium Corner rounder Punch #30068369
Sharp Scissors



1) Place the 4 ” L x 4 ” H cardstock in front of you.
2) If it is printed on both sides, turn it over so that the “wrong side” is facing up. Score 1 ” in from each of the four sides.
3) Snip at the four points indicated, stopping at the horizontal scored line
4) Use the corner rounder punch to round each of the four corners.
5) Place double stick tape on the tabs as shown in the photo.
6) Bring side tabs up and adhere to the middle section, overlapping ends as shown.
7) Fold rounded corners down over the top edge and adhere to the basket.
8) Layer the two 6” strips and attach with double stick tape. Use the corner rounder on all four corners to get the rounded ends.
9) Attach handles to sides of the basket. Your basket is now complete, fill with goodies!

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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