Easter Egg Pin


Hearty Clay-White 30006454

True red 30030921

Green 30030919

Sky blue 30030923

Yellow 77856021

7mm rhinestones-color of choice 1” pin back 77126987 or 77403337


Optional-Ultrafine Glitter-crystal 77322255



Color Scale 77856054

Clay Shaping Tool Set 77361006


Tacky glue Low temp. glue gun & glue sticks


Using the Color Scale, roll out an “I” sized ball of white clay. Roll it into an oval shape and flatten it so that you end up with an egg about 1 ” tall, 1” wide, and about 3/16” thick.


You will now decorate your egg as you desire with different colors of clay and rhinestones. First, make your colors for designs: to make pink, mix a very small amount of true red clay with white clay. To make light green, mix a very small amount of green clay with white clay.


To make stripe designs, roll out your color of choice into a thin log. Place your log onto the egg and cut off any excess using your clay shaping tools. You can also shape your logs into wavy designs. If necessary, use a little bit of tacky glue to adhere your clay designs onto the egg if it doesn’t stick in place. Use different colors and make any designs you wish. Glue the rhinestones onto the egg with tacky glue as well.


 If you are using the Ultrafine glitter, sprinkle a small amount over the decorated side of the egg. Glue the pin back behind the egg with the glue gun. Let the clay dry for 24 hours before handling it.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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