Easter Surprise Card



4” x 5.5” White cardstock #7730 2224
8.5” x 11” Light Blue cardstock #3001 0394*
1” x 3” Pink cardstock #3001 0394
4.5” x 1.5” Yellow cardstock #3001 0394
4.5” x 1” Lavender cardstock #3001 0394
* Pastel Cardstock Pack
Double stick tape #3001 3283
Clear Shrink Plastic #3000 3143
Sandpaper #7771 2463
1/8” Hole Punch #7717 8541
Black Fine Tip Permanent Marker #7753 1954
Heat It Tool #3000 3773
Colored Pencils #7776 8382
Silver (3000 2990) or Gold (#3000 2989) 7” bracelet
Silver (3000 5968) or Gold (#3000 5967) 6mm Jump rings
Chain nose pliers #3002 4247
Optional: Clear Acrylic Varnish, decorative paper edgers


Making the “Surprise” charm bracelet:
Prepare the shrink art plastic by scuffing the surface with the sandpaper. This will allow the shrink plastic to better absorb the ink and colored pencils. Use the sandpaper on both sides of the shrink plastic. Wipe off the dust with a paper towel.

You will need to make about 11 charms for the bracelet. Place the shrink plastic over the designs and trace over using the black permanent marker. Use the designs provided or draw out your own designs. When drawing your own designs, make them the same size as the provided designs.

Trim designs out from the plastic, leaving a border of about 1/8” around each design. Punch a small hole at the top of your design with the 1/8” hole punch.

Color in your design with the colored pencils. You can also use other media for coloring such as acrylic paints, colored chalks, paint pens, etc.

Shrink the plastic following the manufacturer’s directions. You can place the pieces in an oven or use the Heat-it Tool embossing gun. If using the Heat-it toll, use a skewer or chopstick to help hold the piece down while shrinking. Optional: Brush on a coat of clear acrylic varnish onto the colored shrink plastic charms. Let dry.

After you shrink all of your pieces, it is time to assemble your bracelet. Lay the bracelet down and place the shrink plastic pieces along the links, evenly spaced. Slip jump rings onto the holes of each shrink plastic charm and attach to the bracelet links. Optional: You can add other beads and decorations in between the shrink plastic charms if you like.

Making the Card:
Fold the light blue cardstock in half, forming a 5.5” x 8.5” card, crease well. Open card. Right on the fold, cut a slit 5.25” down from the top of the card.

With the card still open, fold front of card down to where the slit ends, crease well. On the card’s front fold, use the hole punch to make 2 holes, 1.5” in from each side on the fold edge. Unfold the front flap.

Slip the bracelet through the holes and drape the charms along the front of the card. Clasp the bracelet on the inside of the card. Fold down the flap. Fold up the remaining 2” of the front and align with the bottom edge of the front of the card. This should encase the bracelet clasp on the inside of the card. Close card.

Trace and cut out the bunny pieces from the cardstock according to the patterns. Place the bunny paws slightly over the top ends of the bracelet. Adhere paws to the card, leaving the bottom of the paws free. The paws help hold the card close and give the effect of the bunny holding the bracelet. Position the bunny head over the top of the paws and adhere.

Adhere the pink inner ear to the bunny. Use the black marker to draw in dot eyes, whiskers and a smiling mouth. Position and adhere the pink nose below the eyes in the center of the whiskers.

You can trim the edges of the rectangle cardstocks with decorative paper edgers if you like. Center and layer the cardstock pieces. Use the marker to write “Happy Easter”. Position and adhere the message above the bunny’s head. Write a message inside of the card, too.

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