Old Egyptian Style Bracelet



Two packages #29 Bead Collection (Dress It Up)

Two 3-hole silver metal spacers (Blue Moon)

One Column Toggle set (Blue Moon)

Two silver crimp beads (Darice)

Thirty 6/0 black seed beads

Ten 5/0 silver round beads (Cousin)

1 yd. 7-strand flexible stringing wire (Beadalon)



Bead crimping pliers

Wire cutters



Tip:  Add more silver beads at the end of the bracelet before crimping if the length of bracelet is too short.

Cut the stringing wire into three 12” pieces.

String about 1”-2” of all three wires through the hole in one end of the toggle.

Insert the three long ends and the three short ends of the wires into a crimp bead.

Push the crimp bead up to the toggle and using the crimping tool fasten the crimp bead securely.

Next pass the six wires through a silver bead and the long brown bead clipping the short ends so they are concealed in the long bead.

String the three long wires through another silver bead and separate the wires, stringing five black seed beads and one small brown rectangle bead onto each wire.

Pass each wire through the holes of the 3-hole spacer and then string onto each wire a black cube bead, round mottled brown bead, another black cube bead, a silver bead, a medium brown rectangle bead, another silver bead, a black cube bead, a mottled brown bead and lastly another black cube bead.

Insert each of the three wires into the holes of the spacer and then a small brown rectangle bead and five black seed beads.

Regroup the wires and pass all three through a silver bead, a long brown bead, and a crimp bead.

Loop the wires through the toggle ring and string back into the crimp bead, silver bead and long brown bead.

Pull the wires so the beads are snug and then secure the crimp bead with the crimping tool.

Cut off the excess wires and hide the ends in the long bead.

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