Embossed "Love" Frame
This project courtesy of Fiskars®. 



Fiskars® ShapeBoss™ Embossing System Starter Set

Fiskars®  ShapeBoss™ Stencil Set - Circle Warmth

Fiskars®  ShapeBoss™ Stencil Set - Lettering Whimsical

Fiskars®  ShapeTemplate™ Tool - Hearts-1 w/Victorian Border

Fiskars®  Comfort Grip™ Micro-Tip® Scissors

Fiskars®  Self-Healing Craft Mat 12˝" x 12˝"

Fiskars®  Diagonal Cutter


38 gauge red craft foil

Red craft wire

Wire cutters, pliers

Exacto Knife



Cut a piece of red craft foil to measure 5" x 4". Lay foil piece face down onto craft mat. Using stylus (from ShapeBoss) and ShapeTemplate, VERY lightly trace one 2˝"heart onto backside of foil using stylus. Remove template, then carefully cut out heart using exacto knife.

Lay Hearts stencil onto ShapeBoss tray. Emboss one heart and curve shapes onto upper right corner of foil piece. Remove Hearts stencil and replace with Whimsical. Emboss letters in word "LOVE" down left side of foil piece.

Trim photo, then adhere to backside of frame using photo stickers or tape.

Using diagonal cutter, cut a piece of red craft wire to measure 24" long. Begin curling one end of piece into spiral shape about the size of a quarter. Approximately 6" away from end of spiral shape, bend wire in half, then twist wires around each other a few times leaving a loop in wire. Create another spiral shape at other end of wire piece. Adjust spirals so both lengths are equal and spiral sizes are similar.

Cut a second piece of wire to measure 20". Repeat process above for wire piece, except rather than twisting wire sections around each other and looping at the bend, wrap center of second piece around twist just below loop on first piece of wire. Using pliers, squeeze wrapped wire tight to hold in place.

Bend and adjust ends of wire until all 4 legs sit evenly on tabletop. Set photo frame onto 2 spirals.

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