Embossed Red Velvet Heart Card


1) One 5”x 5” brown slightly textured blank card

2) Hero Arts ‘Fancy Hearts’ rubber stamp

3) One 4”x 4”piece of red velvet (like) paper

4) One card stock heart (any color) approx. 3-1/2”wide

5) 12” sheer brown ribbon with gold edges (7/8”wide)

6) Merikan double stick tape

7) One mini sticky dot

8) Pink transparent glitter embossing powder

9) Versa Magic ‘Pixie Dust’ ink pad

10) Fabri-Tac glue (Beacon)



1) Scissors

2) Iron

3) Spray bottle of water

4) Embossing heat gun




1) Rubber stamp all over the front of the card blank using the pink ink.

2) Before the ink dries apply the embossing powder and heat to emboss.

3) Spray both sides of the red velvet paper with water.

4) Place the fuzzy side of the paper on the rubber stamp.

5) Press a moderately hot iron straight down on the paper for a few seconds.

6) Trim the embossed heart so that it is only about a ”larger than the card stock heart.

7) Glue the velvet paper heart to the card stock heart.

8) Cut slits (in the edge of the velvet paper heart) perpendicular to the edge of the card stock heart.

9) Fold the velvet paper over the card stock heart so that a neat covered edge is formed.

10) Glue the slit edges down and then tape the velvet heart to the center of the card.

11) Tie the ribbon into a pretty bow and trim the ends if necessary.

12) Use the sticky dot to adhere the bow to the upper left side of the red velvet heart.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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