Enjoy Being a Girl Earrings


Filigree Bead Cap (30095459)
Chandelier (30109598) - or chandelier finding
Ball Hook Earring Wire (30095450)
35mm Head Pin (30095460)
2 packages 4mm Black Bicone Crystal (30094997)
6mm Black Bicone Crystal (30095016)
8mm Black Round Crystal (30095035)
8mm Bronze Pearl (30097768)
6mm Bronze Pearl (30097734)

round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters



1. Snip the head off of 8 head pins, keeping your wire cutters flush with the head. This will allow for the maximum of usable wire
2. Using the round nose pliers, form a loop at one end of 6 of the wire
3. Thread an 8mm pearl, 4mm bicone, 6mm pearl and a 4mm bicone onto each of the 6 wires. Form a loop. Attach a pearl/crystal link to each loop of the chandelier bottom
4. For the remaining two wires from step 1, form a wrapped loop at the end of each wire. Before finishing the wrapped loop be sure to attach each wire to the top of each chandelier
5. Thread on a bead cap, 8mm round and another bead cap. Then form a wrapped loop. Attach the earring wire to the top loop. Repeat for the second earring
6. Thread 4 head pins with a 6mm bicone each. Form a wrapped loop; be sure to attach the drops to the outer links as shown in the photograph
7. Thread 2 head pins with an 8mm round each. Form a wrapped loop; be sure to attach the drops to the center links as shown in the photograph



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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