Explosion Box

Measurements are for a 3” x 3” Box
1 qty. 9” x 9” Cardstock (double sided print recommended)
1 qty. 4 3/8” x 4 3/8” Cardstock, coordinating color/print
1 qty. 2 ” x 2 ” coordinating cardstock for cover embellishment
Meriken 3/16” Double stick tape #30013283

Scoring tools




Take the 9” x 9” cardstock with the “wrong side” facing up. The “wrong side” is the side that you want for the inside of the box if you are using a double printed cardstock. Measure out 3” sections across the cardstock and score vertically (fig. A). Now, measure 3” sections top to bottom and score horizontally (fig. B). You should end up with nine 3” square blocks (fig. C).

In all four corner blocks, draw a horizontal line and trim off each corner (fig. D).

 In the remaining four triangular sections, score a line through the middle point (fig. E).

To from the box, crease and mountain fold the triangular sections. As you do this, the sides will fold up and the box will form.

You can use the triangle scraps to form pockets on the inside panels. You can add photos and other embellishments to the inside of the box as well as fill it with treats.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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