EZ Easter Basket

Keiki Project



8 x 8 Cardstock for basket, color choice

x 8 Cardstock for handle

x 8 Cardstock for handle, contrast color

3 x 7 Cardstock for flowers

1 x 1 Cardstock for flower center

Double stick tape #30013283




Paper Creaser #30003774




EZ Basket Diagram



Note: You can use a punch or die cut of a flower in place of tracing the pattern.


Follow the diagrams to fold the 8 x 8 cardstock into the basket.


Center the cardstock strip over the cardstock strip and adhere. Slip inside the center of the basket and adjust the height for the handle. Use the double stick tape to adhere the ends to the inside of the basket.


Trace the flower pattern onto the cardstock and cut out two flowers. Slightly curl the petal ends with the pencil. Layer the flowers together and adhere with tape. Cut the swirl out from cardstock and slightly pull apart to make it springy. Place in the center of the flower and adhere with a little tape. Place flower on the front of the basket and adhere.


Fill basket with paper shreds and treats!


2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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