Ez Treat Bag




8 x 11 Paper



1/8 Hole Punch or stapler


Ez Treat Bag Diagrams



Follow the folding diagrams to make a paper party bag. Fill the bag with treats.


There are different options for closing the bag. Fold over the top edge of the bag and:

- Staple the bag closed. Make a bow and adhere over the staple. Or,

- Punch two holes in the bag and thread ribbon through. Tie ends of ribbon into a bow. Or,

- Seal the fold with a sticker.


Note: After folding one paper bag, you can determine what area the front of the bag will be. Stamp a design or use computer clip art to personalize your bag. Use this as a template and make copies if you need to fold a lot of bags. 




2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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