FabriCraft Bamboo Basket
This project courtesy of DeltaŽ. 



Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics

Green Tea (2584)

Gamal Green

Delta FabriCraft Nurturing Garden

Garden Collage (65 009 1865)

Garden Script (65 057 1065)

Sobo Glue

Bamboo basket of choice

2 sheets of 8" x 12" watercolor paper

Royal Brush

1" wash/glaze

Water container


Paper towel


Tiny sharp scissors


Designed by Chris Thornton


When working with FabriCraft borders or large sheets peel and press as you go. FabriCraft is repositionable for about 15 minutes so if you get a bubble just pull it up and work from the center to the outer edge of an area to remove the wrinkle of bubbles.

Paint a small area of the watercolor paper in Gamal Green cut a strip 1" x 4". Allow to dry. Apply Sobo Glue to the back of the strip and press firmly to the surface.

Paint two thirds of the sheet of watercolor paper in Green Tea using the 1" wash/glaze brush. Allow to dry.

Tear the paper into pieces 1" x 7", 2˝" x 2˝" and 5" x 6" or whatever is appropriate for your basket. When tearing these pieces of paper always bring the edge you are tearing off forward this will give you the white edge on the border. By pulling the edge backwards you will have a green edge.

Using the Garden Collage cut out along the edge of the dogwood flower on the yellow background in the middle of the dark green script and peel off the backing and press onto the largest Green Tea piece of torn paper.

Using Sobo Glue apply to the backs of all the torn Green Tea pieces and press firmly to the surface.

Using the Garden Collage cut loosely around the edges of 2 large dragonflies and one small, two full butterflies, and 5 leaves. Peel off the backing and press these firmly to the unpainted watercolor paper. Using the tiny sharp scissors cut along the edges of each image following the detail.

Wrap the leaves around one of the paint bottles. Flatten out the tip and the base of each leaf, leaving the center rounded. Apply a small dot of Sobo Glue to each end of a leaf and press into place.

Wrap the wings of the butterflies and dragonflies around a pen or similar sized round object. Place a bead of Sobo Glue down the center of the bodies and press into place.

Using a peeling and pressing motion apply the Garden Script to the edge of the lid of the basket.

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