Falling Leaves Necklace

 This is a great autumn project, which is economical enough to make for all your friends or to sell at craft fairs. The focal bead is an iridescent, two-holed shell bead that was originally part of an inexpensive elastic bracelet (from Ben Franklin Crafts). Although this project uses gold-filled findings, it can be just as attractive with copper findings.


1) 18” silk cord in orange tones with gold threads

2) 4” gold filled chain

3) 6” gold filled 20 gauge round wire

4) 3 gold filled paddle head pins

5) 3 gold filled ball head pins

6) 1 gold filled 5mm daisy bead

7) One gold filled lobster claw clasp

8) Two gold filled 4 or 5 mm jump rings

9) One gold filled head pin

10) 24 gauge gold filled round wire

11) 3 orange Swarovski 4mm bi-cone crystals

12) 2 light orange Swarovski 4mm bi-cone crystal

13) One 5mm greenish round fresh water pearl

14) One 6mm golden fresh water pearl

15) One 8mm oval greenish fresh water pearl

16) One 8x12mm multi-colored agate rectangle bead

17) One 20mm translucent gemstone leaf bead

18) One 12mm whitish gemstone leaf bead 1

9) Two 15mm agate stick beads

20) Five tourmaline chip beads



1) Two jewelry round nose pliers

2) Wire cutter




1) Wire wrap a loop on one end of the 20 gauge wire and insert the other end into the two holed shell bead.

2) Bend the rest of the 20 gauge wire (except for about 1”) into loops and swirls.

3) Insert the 1” end of wire into the second hole of the shell bead and form a wire wrapped loop.

4) Following the photograph, assemble the dangles (put the paddle pins at the ends).

5) Use the other head pins and 24 gauge wire to wire-wrap connectors.

6) String the silk cord through the wire loops of the shell bead.

7) Wrap 24 gauge wire around the cord ends and form wire loops at the ends.

8) Use the jump rings to attach the clasp to one end of the cord and the chain to the other end.

9) Use the flat head pin to attach the oval pearl, gold-filled daisy bead and light orange crystal to the end of the chain.



1) This necklace is a good project to use up the odd gemstone beads in your collection.

2) Glass leaves can be used as a replacement if you can’t find the gemstone ones.

3) Use an odd number of each bead type to maintain a pleasing balance.

4) Change the color of the silk cord if you don’t like orange but try to stay with one seasonal color palette.

5) Adjust the loops of the 20 gauge wire so that the beads hang attractively.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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