Fall Leaf Card



8” x 11” Cardstock for the card

4” x 7” Cardstock, contrasting color for mat

3 pieces of 4” x 4” cardstock for leaves

Red Acrylic paint

Orange Acrylic Paint

Yellow Acrylic Paint

Brown Acrylic Paint

Green Acrylic Paint

Gold Acrylic Paint

Sea Sponge #7743 1973

Tacky glue # 7760 9875 or double stick tape #3001 3283


Trace and cut out 3 leaves from cardstock according to the pattern.

Sponge paint leaves using the acrylic paints. Use the different fall colors and blend to get a fall leaf color. Use the gold paint as a highlight and accent. Let dry.

Fold the 8” x 11” cardstock in half for your card base. Center the 4” x 7” cardstock  on the folded card. Glue/tape in place.

Arrange the leaves onto the card. Glue/tape in place.

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