Fathers Day Sign


Blank wooden sign (30137907)
Stamp ink pad in color choice (sample used 30025150)
White cardstock (77301937)
2 pieces of coordinating scrapbooking paper (sample used 30141235 & 30141241)
Ribbons to match Glossy Mod Podge (77501692)
Father vinyl words (30141644)
Acrylic paint (sample used 77716688)
.25” circle hand punch (77178558)
A child’s hand



Using your brush, paint the beveled edge of the wooden sign piece and let dry about 10 minutes. Wash paintbrush.
While the paint is drying, brush the stamp pad on the child’s hand, making sure to cover the whole hand with a good layer of ink. Press hand to the piece of white paper firmly and let ink dry.
Cut around handprint. Cut one piece of scrapbooking paper down to 5.25”x5.25” and one piece to 3”x5.25”. Line the larger piece of paper up with the wooden sign, and using the pencil, mark the position of the holes onto the back of the paper. Punch out the holes using the hand punch. Then, using the paint brush again, Mod Podge the larger paper to the center of the wooden sign, making sure to line up the holes at the top of the sign. Line up the smaller piece of paper as shown in the picture and mark and punch the hole for the top of the sign. Mod Podge the smaller piece down to the sign.
Lay the handprint on the sign towards the upper right corner and Mod Podge into place. Let the layers of Mod Podge dry.
Cut the word “Father” out of the vinyl sheet and apply the word to the bottom left side of the sign. Apply two coats of Mod Podge and cover the entire front of the sign. After the Mod Podge is completely dry tie the ribbons through the holes at the top of the sign as a hanger.



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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