Faux Tombstone


Styrofoam Sheet


*Design Masters Black spray paint 77643171 or 77642637


*Design Masters White spray paint 77643189 or 7764286


Utility knife



 *Note: You must use Design Masters Brand spray paint for this projects. Other spray paint may dissolve Styrofoam.



1. Create a shape for the tomb stone with Styrofoam using a pencil.

2. Trace the pencil lines with your utility knife and cut.

3. Use a blunt object, the back of a pen or a chop stick, carve the message in the tombstone.

4. Spray paint black over entire tombstone.

5. Spray paint white here and there on top of black paint.

6. Continue spraying black and white spray paint layering them until you get the effect of Stone. You can also darken areas of the carved message with black paint.


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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