Felted Bunny Pin


1 qty. Natural Wool Roving – Off White #30084666

1 qty. Natural Wool Roving – Pink #30084672

2 qty. 6mm Round – Onyx Beads for eyes #30000964

1 qty. 1” Pin back - gold #77403337 or silver 77126987 Black Sewing thread #30088784



Needle Felting Tool Pen #30084654

Needle Felting Mat #30084657

Sharp Scissors

Sewing Needle #77650432


Optional - Needle Felting Claw #30084658

Optional: Low temp Glue gun & Glue sticks


NOTE: Be very careful when punching your piece with the needle tool. The needles are extremely sharp. Optional, you can use the Needle Felting Claw to help hold the smaller pieces in place as you punch with the needle tool.




Unroll the off white wool roving and cut off about an 8” length. Carefully pull roving apart to fluff. Roll the whole piece into a ball and place on the needle felting mat.


Carefully, start to pierce the roving with the needle felting tool pen, keep the tool straight and upright. As you punch, fold the roving over and start to shape the piece into an oval. At the pointiest end, split the roving in half. Start to work this area apart, this will be the ears. Shape each section into an ear.


Take a small 1” piece of pink roving and separate in half. Separate one half again. Take these pieces and place in the center of both ears. Slowly punch and shape the pink roving in the center of the ears.


On the opposite end, shape the roving into a curve for the bottom of the head. Continue to fold the edges of the roving in while punching the piece. Flip the piece over from time to time and pierce on the other side.


Shape your piece to resemble the pictured sample. Add more roving if you want to make it thicker.


Once you have the head shaped, cut off a piece of off white roving about 2” long. Separate in half. Take each half and roll into a ball. Needle punch and shape the roving into two small balls for the cheeks. When you have made the balls, place each one onto the middle of the bunny head. Attach to the head by piercing first around the balls then all over. By punching the two pieces, the fibers interlock and they become joined.


Take the small piece of pink roving and roll into a ball. Punch a little on the mat to form a small ball. Place the pink ball on top of the cheeks and punch to attach. Punch and shape into the nose.  



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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