Finger Puppet



4 ” x 6 ” Walnut Brown felt #779677096

2” x 2 ” Cashmere Felt #77676767

2 – 7mm Moving Eyes #77660837

7mm Black pom pom #30007021

Fine Tip Black Permanent Marker #77531954

Brown Chenille Stem #77674085

Low temp Glue Gun & glue sticks



Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.


Place the 2 monkey pieces together. Glue together, closely to the edge and leaving the bottom straight edge un-glued.


Place the face and inner ears on the head as in the pictured sample. Glue in place. Place the 2 eyes in the upper center of the face and glue in place. Using the black fine tip marker, draw a smile below the eyes. Glue the pom pom below the center of the eyes for a nose.



Place the hands in front on either side of the body. Glue straight edges to the sides of the body. Curl brown chenille stem for the monkey’s tail. Glue the straight end to the back of the monkey.

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