Fish Bead Bracelet


Blue Moon Beads:
Large Glass Bead Mix (color choice)
Mini Glass Bead Mix (color choice)            
Instant Charms
Memory Wire Bracelet
#8 Jelly Cord clear or color
Round Nose Jewelry Pliers
Wire Cutter
Tidy Tray or dish


Choose a color group for the beads. You will need the large assorted glass beads and the mini glass bead mix in the same color group. The glass instant charm should be in a complementary color for an accent. The sample was made with the Summer Splash bead mix and the blue matte fish charms.

To start, you will need to make the Base bracelet with the memory wire. You can make your bracelet as long as you want with several loops but keep in mind that the memory wire does stretch out a little from the weight of the beads. A good length is 2 to 3 loops. You can pre-cut the bracelet length or just cut the length at the end when you reach the desired look.

Place your Mini Glass Bead Mix in a Tidy Tray or dish so you can see the beads in your assortment. You can plan your design or just pick beads randomly. Remember, part of the fun of this project is the creating the spiraling of the beaded bracelet loops.

To start beading your bracelet, take one end of the memory wire and use the pliers to make a small loop. Place a tiny bead on the wire and continue to close the loop. For your next bead, choose one with a hole large enough to slip over both wire thicknesses. Trim excess wire from the end if necessary. Continue stringing beads on the memory wire in whatever pattern you like. Try and create a balance of light and dark shades, shiny and matte beads and different shapes. Continue beading until you reach the desired length and number of spirals.

To finish off the Base bracelet, make sure that the last beads have holes large enough to thread 2 wires through. Leave about of wire at the end. Use the pliers to curl the end and add a tiny bead. Continue curling the wire into a loop and slip the end of the wire into the other beads to secure. Trim off excess wire if necessary. Now you are ready to make the wrap.

To make the Wrap, you will need the Large Glass Bead Mix and the Instant Charms. Take the jelly cord and cut a length about 18 24 long, depending on how many loops you made on the Base bracelet.

Find the middle of the jelly cord and loop a slipknot to one end of the Base bracelet. Start stringing beads from the Large Bead Mix onto the double thickness of jelly cord. Keep stringing beads, adding a glass charm here and there. After a few inches, start to wrap the strung beads over the Base bracelet, slightly stretching the cord to get a snug fit. Continue stringing beads & charms and wrapping the Base bracelet. When you get to the end, tie the ends of the jelly cord to the end of the Base bracelet. Knot securely and cut off excess jelly cord. Now your Wrapped Bracelet is ready for you to give away or proudly wear yourself!

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