Floral Wrapper Angel


1 Roll Metallic gold/Ivory Floral Wrapper 30104487
2 16in Mixed Pine Spray 30107248
1 5in Styrofoam Ball 30017678
1 Gold Berry Spray 30107886
1 Roll 2.5in x 10 yard Xmas ribbon 30109814
Wreath Door Hanger
Chenille Stems
Low Temp Glue Gun



Measure 4 yards floral wrapper. Cut. Find center and cover Styrofoam ball. Secure with chenille stem.

Tie together the two mixed pine spray and gold berry spray. At the base of the Styrofoam ball, stick the spray into the ball. Take out and put glue into the hole of the Styrofoam and place the spray back into the Styrofoam ball. Gather the floral wrapper and make two loops on each side of the Styrofoam ball, approx 9in long. This is the angel’s wing. Tie center with chenille stem and secure to pine spray. Make a bow using the ribbon. Cut 1 yard ribbon using to tie the bow. Tie bow to the neck of the angel. Attach wreath door hanger.



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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