Floral Wrapper Bunny


1 qty. 14” Extruded Styrofoam Wreath #30095979
2 qty. Floral Wrapper rolls, your color choice Greening Pins #77479485
9 qty. 19 gauge Paper Wrapped Wire Stem -18” #77479287 5 qty. White Chenille stems #77974382 White Acrylic Paint #77624882
2 qty. 5” x 6 ” White Foamie #77613612 for the eyes
2 qty. 2 ” x 2 ” Black Foamie #77613620 for eyes
2 qty. 2 ” x 2 ” Fuchsia Foamie #30104743 for eyes
2” Black Pom pom #30006995 for the nose
Sharp Scissors
Low temp glue gun & glue sticks
Floral wire for hanger
Wire cutters Foam Brush #10109

Optional – Ribbon for a bow





Prep work – Paint 3 paper wrapped stems with the white acrylic paint and let dry.

Bunny’s Head - Unroll some of the floral wrapper. Gather the end together. Secure the gathered piece to the wreath form with 3 or 4 greening pins.

Have the wrapper come up and over the pinned gathered spot. Gather the floral wrapper at about 8” – 10” from the start, depending on how poufy you want your wreath. Pin the gathered section to the wreath, closely to the first pinned area. This is to hide the ends.

Unroll about 8” – 10” of the floral wrapper roll and gather the floral wrapper. Pin to the wreath about 2” away from the first pinned gathered bunch. Continue gathering bunches of floral wrapper and pinning to the wreath. You can follow a zig zag pattern to cover the wreath or make several rows along the wreath form. The idea is to fully cover the wreath which may take 1 -1 rolls depending on how poufy you make it.

When you get to your last spot to cover, gather about 12” of the floral wrapper and cut from the roll. Flip the ends of the wrapper inward and pin to the wreath, again to hide the ends.

Look over the wreath and re-pin any uneven areas. This will be the bunny’s head.

For the ears – Take 2 of the paper wrapped floral stems. Overlap one end from one stem and one end from the other stem about 2” and twist together to join, keeping it straight. Take one more stem and twist onto one end to join all three together into one long length. Measure out floral wrap to match the length of the joined stems. Place the joined stems in the center of the floral wrapper and roll and twist to cover the stem with the floral wrapper.

Bring the ends of the covered stems together and shape into bunny ears. Gather the ends together and wrap around chenille stem from about 4” from the ends to hold them in place. At this point, bend the wire stems at a 90 angle (like an “L”). Place the short flat section on the back of the wreath at the top. Use greening pins to adhere to the wreath. The ears should stand up. Repeat these steps to make the other side ear.

Finishing – Place the 3 painted stems together. Wrap the white chenille stem around the middle to hold all three in place. Spread apart the stems to shape into whiskers.

Place across the center of the wreath and lightly glue the ends to the floral wrapper. Place the pom pom in the center for the nose, hiding the chenille stem and glue in place.

Trace and cut out the pieces from foamies according to the patterns. Place the black circles onto the fuchsia pieces and glue in the center. Carefully trim around leaving a thin border. Position this layered piece onto the white piece for the eyes and glue in place.

Position the eyes above the whiskers. Lightly glue the back tops of the eyes to the floral wrapper.

Slip two chenille stems around the wreath base at the top. Twist together to form a hanger.


Optional: Make a bow form ribbon and pin or glue to the bottom of the bunny’s face.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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