Floral Wrap Wreath



24" Canadian Pine Wreath #264440
Metallic Ivory/Gold Mini Floral Wrapper #6653AST
3-Snowman Gold Bell Ornament #2477-01
6-Yule Tidings Pick #1004980
2-Gold Poinsettia Bush #1060540
2-Wire 22 gauge
Glue Gun (High or low temp) LT160 or GM160
Glue Sticks


Create a hanger with the wire and attach to the wreath's frame. Fluff the tips of the Canadian pine wreath. Use the floral wrapper to drape around the wreath creating a space between to place your picks and ornaments, cut and glue ends together. Remove the poinsettia flowers from the bush stems and glue them around your wreath. Space our your ornaments and glue them to your wreath. use your leftover floral wrapper to make a huge bow. Tie together with wire. Tie to the top of you wreath.



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