Flower Bud Holder


Plastic Aqua Tube #77788117

2 qty. 22 gauge Floral Wire #77479337

x 2 Black Foamie #77613620 for body

3 x 3 Purple foamie #77613497 for wing bases

1 1 Pink Foamie #77613596 for top inner wings

1 x 1 Yellow Foamie #77613505 for bottom inner wings

1 x 3 Light Green Foamie #77613570 for leaves

6 of Black Chenille stem #77669721

Green Floral tape #77100727






Hold the two floral wires together. Bend one set of ends into a small loop. Repeat at the other end of the wires. Use the floral tape and wrap the wires completely, including the looped ends.

On one end, make a circle loop about 1 in diameter. Twist the end to close the loop. Place the tube in the center of the wire circle. Carefully wrap the wire around the tube, spirally upwards. The tube should be held up by the spiraled wire, adjust if necessary.

Trace and cut our pieces from foamie according to the patterns. Place the pink inner wings on top of the to purple wings. Center and adhere. Place the bottom yellow inner wings onto the bottom purple wings. Center and adhere. Place the wings together and glue in the middle. Place the body down the center and glue in place.

Fold the chenille stem in half and separate ends. From the tip of each end, slowly curl the chenille towards the center leaving about straight. Twist the straight folded end together. Glue to the back of the butterfly for the antenna.

Place the butterfly o the top end of the spiraled wire and glue in place. Place the leaves along the wire and glue in place.

Place only small and light flowers inside of the tube.


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