Flower Pen Holder



2.5” x 5” Green Felt #77676627 for stem

2.5” x 1” Green Felt#77676627 for hanger loop

2” x 3” Green Felt #77676627 for leaves

2” x 6” Felt, flower color

” x 5” Felt, flower center

1 ” x 1 ” Green Felt #77676627 for flower base

30” of ribbon for lanyard

Low Temp Glue gun & Glue sticks



Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.


Take the 2 ” x 5” piece of green felt and overlap the lengthwise edges about ” and glue together, forming a tube. Glue together one end of the tube. Trim and round the corners of the glued end. This is the stem.


Fold the 2 ” x 1” piece of green felt into thirds lengthwise. Glue together. Glue one end inside of the opening of the stem. Fold in half and glue the other end to the outside of the stem in the back. This will form a loop to attach to hang from the ribbon.


Arrange the seven petals onto the circle base. Glue in place. Snip along one end of the ” x 5” strip of felt. Place a little glue on the un-snipped edge and roll the strip. Add more glue and keep rolling until it is completely rolled. Fluff the fringe and glue to the center of the flower petals. Glue flower to the front of the stem just below the opening.


Take the green leaf pieces. Twist the middle section to make the leaves stand out. Glue twisted end to the stem. Place one just under the flower and the other along the stem.


Take the 30” of ribbon and string through the loop. Tie ends of ribbon securely. Place your pen on the stem tube.


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