Fortune Cookie Magnets



3” x 3” Yellow Rough Mulberry paper
Tacky Glue
Magnet Button
Low temp glue gun and glue sticks

Note: You can substitute color of mulberry paper. And use acrylic paint to add color details.  


Trace and cut out the piece from yellow rough mulberry paper according to the pattern.

Fold over the edges about 1/8” all around. Lightly glue down. Use the stylus and ruler to crease the fold lines on the cookie.

Fold cookie in half without creasing the middle down flat. Fold in notches and glue inside cookie. Lightly glue edges together leaving the top middle open so that you can place the message inside. Shape cookie.

Cut out the desired printed message and slip inside cookie. Glue end inside cookie. You can also write your own messages. Glue the magnet behind the cookie.

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