French Fry Bat Box


1 qty. 6” x 12” Colored Cardstock for box base (orange, purple, bright green, etc.)
1 qty. 6” x 12” Black Cardstock for bat and wings
1 qty. 2” x 2” White Cardstock for eyes and fangs
Galaxy Marker – White #30065775
Red ink pen #30089808 or similar
” Meriken Double-stick tape #30013284
2 qty. 3D Foam squares #30100067
Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting machine #30083658
Sizzix Bigz XL- French Fry Box Die #30088742
1” Circle Punch #30028719
5/8” Circle Punch #30028691

Optional: Rubber stamp and ink for adding message to box





Using the Sizzix Big Shot machine die cutting system and the Bigz XL French Fry Box die, cut out the pieces for one French fry box form colored cardstock. Position the black cardstock over just the front half of the box and cut out.

Trace and cut out two wings from the black cardstock according to the pattern. Trace and cut out two fangs from the white cardstock according to the pattern.

Use the 1” circle punch to cut out two circles from the white cardstock. Use the 5/8” circle punch to cut our two circles from the black cardstock. Place the black circles on the white to create the eyes. Tape in place.

Place the eyes onto the black French fry box front, like in the pictured sample. Use the 3D foam squares to glue in place. Use the white Galaxy marker to draw a squiggly line for the mouth. Use the red ink pen to color the tips of the fangs. Trim the length of the fangs if necessary and place along the mouth. Glue in place with the double-stick tape.

Turn the bat to the wrong side and place double stick tape along the edges. Carefully position and adhere to the front of the colored cardstock french fry box front, making sure you match the edges.

Position the wings on either side of the bat and glue in place with double-stick tape.


TIP: If you want to stamp a message to the inner top of the box, it is easier if you do it before you fully assemble the box.

Assemble the rest of the French fry box according to the directions, taping the sides to the front and back of the box. Fill box with treats!



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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