Friendship Flower Foam Frame



The center of this frame can be filled with a picture of girlfriends or a mirror and because it has both a hanger and four magnets it can be hung on a wall or stuck on a refrigerator.  Stick the frame inside a locker and hair clips can be attached to the ribbon for easy access. 


1)      Darice Foamies Frame (orange and pink flower shape)

2)      2 ft.Offray ribbon (orange 1” sheer with white daisies)

3)      20 artificial 1”daisy flowers (cut from floral spray)

4)      Darice 8mm clear rhinestones (3 dozen)

5)      Dress It Up ‘FRIENDS’ (orange)

6)      Clear drying glue (FabriTac, 527, cement)



1)      Scissors



1)      Cut the daisies off the spray and glue them around the frame’s center opening.

2)      Glue the word ‘friends’ to the bottom of the frame.

3)      Glue the rhinestones around the edge of the foam frame.

4)      Fold the ribbon in half so that the decorative front shows and glue it behind the frame just under the word ‘friends’.

5)      Clip the ribbon ends in dove-tail shape. 

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