Frog Pen Pal



3” x 3” Green Foamie

1” x ” White Foamie

Green Chenille stem

Fine tip Black Permanent marker

Ballpoint pen

Low temp glue gun & glue sticks  


Trace and cut out pieces from foamie according to the patterns.

Glue the white eyes to the top of the froggy’s head. Use the fine tip black permanent marker to draw in the eyes and mouth. Use the marker to make detail outlines around the froggy’s body as in the sample.

Find the middle of the chenille stem. Begin wrapping the chenille stem around the pen, leaving about 1.5” at the ends. Fold the ends down about halfway. Glue the froggy to the folded ends.

You can easily remove the froggy from the pen by slipping off the chenille stem, then place on another pen.  

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