Fuzzy Project


Pom Pom Maker #3006 4859

Yarn, 4-ply worsted weight, any color

2 – 7mm Moving eyes #7766 0837

1 ½” x 2” Foamie for feet

1 ½” x 1 ½” Foamie for heart

2 – 3” chenille stem

4” of colored wire

Black fine tip marker #91029



1/8” hole punch #7717 8541

Low Temp glue gun & glue sticks




Heart Feet




Follow the manufacturer’s directions to make the large size pom pom.


Trace and cut out pieces from foamie according to the patterns.


Place the pom pom onto the feet and glue. Glue the eyes near the top of the head. Take each chenille stem piece and curl in one end. Glue the straight ends into either side of the body for the arms.


Write “Luv U” onto the heart. Using the hole punch make a small hole on the top and bottom of the heart.  Thread the wire through the holes. Curl the top end to hold the heart in place. Curl then stretch the bottom end to make a sign holder. Place into the arm of the warm fuzzy. Give your warm fuzzy to someone to brighten their day!




© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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