Garden Fairy Pin


Poly Rosebud -- color choice

12 mm Wooden Bead

8” of 5/8” Sheer Organza Ribbon

14” of yarn for hair

Black Acrylic Paint

Thin Paintbrush handle

Small bead or pearl for wand

” pin back

Wire Cutters

Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks  


Cut the wire stem off the rosebud, leaving only about ”. Leave wire on the side.

Remove the larger 3-leaf piece from the rose, set aside.

With the rosebud upside down, place the 12mm wooden bead onto the wire for the head and glue in place. Take the yarn and cut off 2”. With the remaining yarn, fold into 2” loops, Tie loops together in the middle with the loose piece of yarn. Cut loops apart and you can untwist yarn strands to create a wavy fluffy hair. Glue knotted middle to the top of the bead for the hair. Trim as desired. Take the 3-leaf piece and fold together, fanning out leaves. Glue to the back of fairy’s head.

Take the 8” of sheer organza ribbon and tie into a bow. Glue to the back of the fairy. Glue the pin back to the bow.

Cut a 1” piece from the remaining floral stem wire. Glue a small bead or pearl to one end for the fairy’s wand. Place the wand diagonally across the front of the fairy. Tuck the other end of the wire under one of the front flower petals and glue in place.

You can add pink blush to the cheeks before painting the eyes onto the fairy’s face. Use the end of the handle of the paintbrush to dip dot paint tiny eyes onto the fairy’s face with the black acrylic paint.

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