Gingerbread Card



Cardstock Paper 12” x 12” for Card - choice of color

Cardstock Paper Antique Gold for Gingerbread Man #77302232

Two style of Printed-paper choice of colors & designs

Red and Brown Cardstock Paper for Hearts

Cardstock Paper for Happy Holiday Banner - choice of color

Christmas Word Rubber Stamp – choice of design (or use computer to print out “Happy Holiday” banner

Glue Pen 77777573

Heiko Double-stick tape 5mm #30013283

Pop-up Dots 30008288


Brads or Eyelets – 2 ea.

Decorator Chalk #77768457

Fiskars Shape Template-Squares #77390609

Fiskars Shape Cutter #30005220

Hand Punch Small Heart #77178632

Punch Mini Heart #77150730

Micron Pen-Black #77414748

Paper Trimmer #30017631

Eyelet Setter Kit #30003191

Optional: Ribbon 3/8” width and small white rick-rack, Acrylic paint Black (for eyes) #77624890 and paintbrush.



1.       Cut the 12” x 12” cardstock half (6” x 12” size).

2.       Using the shape template to cut out one 3-1/2” x 3-1/2” square from printed-paper. Tape the double-stick tape on

       the backside of square paper.


3.       Using the shape template to cut out one 3” x 3” square from printed-paper. Tape the double-stick tape on the

       backside of square paper.


4.       Take the 3-1/2” square paper and peel off the paper backing adhere to the front of card, position approximately 1/2”

       from the top edge. 

5.       Take the 3” square paper and peel off the paper backing. Adhere to the middle of 3-1/2” square paper.

6.       Trace gingerbread pattern onto antique gold paper and cut out.

7.       Use brown decorator chalk and apply around the edge of the gingerbread man’s body.

8.       Punch out 2 small hearts and 4 mini hearts from cardstock paper.

9.       Glue 2 mini hearts in the center of the 2 small hearts.  Glue to front of gingerbread man for buttons.

10.   Draw eyes with pen or dot 2 eyes using the back of the paintbrush and black acrylic paint.  Let dry.

11.   Brush in cheeks with pink decorator chalk. Glue 2 mini hearts to cheeks.

12.   Draw in mouth and outline the gingerbread man using the black pen.

13.   Using decorator chalk, brush on accents to the edges of gingerbread man.

14.   Glue finished gingerbread man to front of card in the middle of squares.

15.   Stamp or print “Happy Holidays” on cardstock paper for banner. Cut banner paper to size 1” x 5-1/2”.

16.   Position the “Happy Holidays” banner to the card, apply small about of glue to hold banner in place. Punch 1/8”

      holes on each side of the banner and attach brads or eyelets.

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