Gingerbread Card



8” x 5 Light Brown cardstock

3” x 3” Red cardstock

1” x 1” White cardstock

” Hole Puncher

Tacky Glue

White Glitter or White paint for “icing”

Black fine tip permanent marker

Optional: bone folder


Trace and cut out the pieces from cardstock according to the patterns. Take the Gingerbread card piece and fold over at the hands as indicated by the pattern.

Place the red vest pieces onto the front   of the body and glue into place. Open up the vest and write a message on the gingerbread man’s tummy.

Using the ” hole puncher, punch two eyes out of white cardstock and glue on the face. Use the black marker to draw in the eyes. Use the marker to draw a smile. Glue a red heart at each end of the smile.

Create the look of icing around the edge of the gingerbread by using either white acrylic paint or glue and glitter. Apply a curvy line design around the edge of the cookie. Let Dry.

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