Gingerbread House Card



1)      6”x12” brown textured cardstock

2)      6”x 6” cork sheet (Hearts and Crafts)

3)      2’x 1-1/4” corrugated yellow paper

4)      4” green and red plastic candy cane (Gerson)

5)      1/8” silver plated beads (FibreCraft)

6)      Pearlized snowflakes (Dress It Up)

7)      1” candy cane open heart (Dress It Up)

8)      Small acetate sheet for window

9)      Mini candy ornaments (Sierra Pacific)

10)  Crystal transparent glitter (Art Institute)

11)  Dreamweaver Embossing Paste

12)  Asssorted green and red plastic beads

13)  One green ” square rhinestone

14)  One red ”rhinestone heart

15)  Fabritac glue (Beacon)


1)      Scallop-edge scissors

2)      Scissors

3)      Small plastic bag

4)      1” Heart paddle punch and hammer

5)      Serrated knife



1)  Use the pattern to cut out the card making sure that the roofline is on the fold.

2)  Cut out the house shape from the cork sheet.

3)  Glue the cork sheet house to the front of the cardstock card.

4)  Use the paddle punch to cut out a window in the upper center portion of the house, cutting through the cork and   

         front layer of card.

5)  Glue the acetate sheet to the back of the punched out window between the cork and cardstock.

6)  Put a few tablespoons of embossing paste into the plastic bag, squeezing it into a corner of the bag.

7)  Cut off the corner tip of the plastic bag and use it like a pastry bag to decorate the roofline of the gingerbread


8)  Sprinkle the glitter over the embossing paste on the card.

9)  Cut the edges of the corrugated door with the scallop scissors.

10)  Fill in the grooves of the corrugated door with embossing paste and glue it onto the house.

11)  Glue the candy cane open heart over the heart window.

12)  Cut plastic candy cane to 2-1/2” with serrated knife and scissors.

13)  Glue candy canes, snowflakes, and mini candies to card front.

14)  Using the extra embossing paste in the bag, decorate the gingerbread house with the beads and rhinestones.


1)  If you don’t have a heart paddle punch you can use a craft knife to cut out the heart or you can just glue the candy cane heart and acetate to the card without making an opening.

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