Gingerbread Ornament

Keiki Project


4 x 4 Cocoa Foamie #3004 1092

4 x 4 White Foamie #7761 3612

1 x 1 Red Foamie #7761 3604

2 10mm Moving Eyes #7766 0845

Black fine tip Marker #91029

18 of ribbon for bow

6 of 1/8 ribbon for hanger

Hole Punch #7717 8558

Low Temp Glue Gun & glue sticks









Trace and cut our pieces from foamies according to the patterns.



Use the hole punch ad make one hole in the cookie about away from the edge. Slip the 1/8 ribbon through and tie the ends together to make the hanger.


Place the white icing piece on the cookie piece so that it is an even border and the opening is on the opposite side of the hole. Make sure the icing covers the hole. Glue in place. Place the two moving eyes on the face and glue in place.


Use the black marker to draw a smile under the eyes. Place a heart cheek on either end of the smile and glue in place.


Cut 4 from the length of ribbon and leave on the side for tying. Take the rest of the ribbon and make a loopy bow. Tie the center together. Place at the bottom of the face and glue in place.




2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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