Girl's Day Craft

Keiki Project


K21707 – Girl’s Day Project


2” x 6” Oriental Print Fabric – for body

2 – 2” x 2 ½” Oriental Print fabric for sleeves

4” of 1/8” satin ribbon for collar

2” of Ό” satin ribbon for obi

Ύ” wooden furniture button #7793 7649

Black Acrylic Paint #7762 4890

White Acrylic Paint#7762 4882

2 - Small Prima Paper Flowers

Pin back #7740 3337 or button magnet #7762 2688




Thin paintbrush

Low temp Glue gun & glue sticks




Using the black acrylic paint, paint some hair onto the wooden furniture button as in the picture sample. Paint the sides of the button as well. Turn the paintbrush over and use the end of the brush to paint “dip-dot” eyes. Let dry. When the paint is dry, use the end of the brush to make tiny dip dots of white onto the eyes for highlights. Let dry.


Take the 2” x 6” fabric for the body and crease-fold into thirds. Glue folds together to make a thinner strip. Take the strip and tie into a single flat knot. Take the ends and trim off about 1” and fold the remaining fabric to the back of the knot and glue in place. Take the 1/*’ ribbon and follow the “V” of the knot and glue along it’s edge to make the collar. Place the Ό” ribbon over the front center of the “V” and wrap to the back, gluing in place.


For the sleeves, fold each piece up Ό” on the two shorter ends and glue in place. Fold the whole piece into thirds and glue together. Fold the piece in half and glue at the edges. The folded end will be the top of your sleeves. Place each sleeve on either side of the body and glue in place.


Place the painted head onto the body above the collar and glue in place. Glue to small Prima paper flowers together. Glue flower to the doll’s head.


Glue a pin back or magnet behind the body.



© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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