Girls Day Doll


Washi paper
Flesh colored cardstock paper (for body)
Black crepe paper or cardstock (for hair)
Ribbon (for the obi)
Colored markers or pencils
Double-stick tape




1. From a cardstock, cut out one doll’s body (see template).
2. For the kimono, cut out a 6” square from washi paper.
3. For the hair, using a black card stock or black crepe paper or cardstock using template cut one. In the center of the hair template cut an opening large enough for the doll’s head (see sample)
4. At the top of the doll’s head under the hair put a small piece of double stick tape.
5. With colored markers or pencils, draw on a face.
6. Next, taking the washi paper, fold down the top of one edge of the paper 3/8” from the edge to form a collar. Now color the collar or tape ribbon.
7. Fold top corner of the washi paper down over the doll’s shoulder. Working on the same side of the dolls, fold the paper vertically to cover the doll’s body. Using the same method, fold the opposite side of the kimono.
8. Finally, wrap ribbon (obi) around the doll. Use double stick tape to secure.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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