Glass Block Project Ideas


Just add a bow

Choose a ribbon .

Apply glue dots to help secure ribbon to glass.


Etch your glass brick

Apply sticker stencil.

Apply Etching Cream.

Wait 20 minutes.

Rinse cream off.

Peal sticker stencil off.


Gallery Glass Pizazz

Design on glass brick with liquid leading .

Once leading is dry, apply Gallery Glass color .

Add lights for accent.


Add some Bling

Wire wrap and add beads.

Attach wire wrap with E600 glue.


Rub-ons, can’t get easier than that

Simply apply rub-ons to your glass brick


Vinyl Words say it all

Simply apply vinyl stickers to brick Trace Glossy Accents on top of vinyl to give it a dimensional appeal. (add glitter while when glossy accents is still wet)


Enamel paints, a work of art

Trace design with enamel paints.

Fill with color.


Crystal Delight

Fill with Crystal Fiber Accents.


More than Sand Art

Fill with Sand and shells for A centerpiece.





2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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