Glass Pebble Noteholders



One glass pebble (Mega Marbles) in heart or oval shape (available in floral dept.)

Rubber stamp (your choice)

Pigment, waterproof ink (your choice of color)

Scrap paper

Glitter/metallic ink pens (any brand)

Art Institute glitter (any light color)

Glossy Accent (Ranger)

6”-8” 20 gauge wire (Darice or Artistic Wire) (your color choice)

Household cement (527 brand glue)

Decorative paper (optional)


Round needle nose pliers

Wire cutter


Stamp design onto scrap paper and color it with the pens/glitter.

Place the glass pebble over the design and trace around it with the pencil.

Cut out the shape and glue it to the pebble using the Glossy Accents.

After the Glossy Accents is dry, trim the paper closer to the pebble.

Using the needlenose plier, shape the wire around the bottom circumference of the pebble and bend it upward to end in a swirl or squiggle design.  Clip off excess wire.

Press pebble onto the circumference wire to flatten it, and then glue the pebble and the wire together using 527 household cement.

 If the bottom of the note holder is untidy, trace the pebble on a decorative paper then cut it out and glue it over the wire.


A photograph can be glued to the bottom of the pebble instead of using a stamped design.  If you use a computer-generated picture, run it through a Xyron machine first with the picture side down to make a sticker to attach to the pebble.  (Computer pictures will bleed if moistened by the glue.)  Cover the bottom of the note holder with a piece of felt fastened on with Terrifically Tacky Tape.

Designs can be stamped directly onto the glass pebble using Staz-On ink.  Color the designs with pearlescent acrylic paint.  After the paint is dry, apply Glossy Accent to the bottom of the pebble and sprinkle on glitter.  Let the pebble dry upside-down before proceeding to the next steps.

Small pieces of One-Stroke decals (Plaid) can be applied to the glass pebbles.  Light-colored glitter then can be adhered with the Glossy Accent before gluing on the wire.

Holographic paper can be stamped with word designs before gluing onto pebble for a 3-D effect.

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