Glitter Ornament



1 qty. Clear Glass ornament – your size choice
Plaid Folkart Extreme Glitter – your color choice
Paper towels Paper cup

Optional: Berries and sheer ribbon for embellishment

NOTE: Children should have adult supervision when working with the glass ornaments.




Remove the cap from the top of the ornament. Set aside.

Pour some of the extreme glitter into the ornament. Fold the paper towel into a smaller square with several layers.
Place paper towel over the ornament opening. Shake and swirl the ornament, causing the glitter to cover the inside of the ornament. Add more glitter as necessary. Continue until the inside of the ornament is covered.

Place the ornament into the paper cup with the opening facing down to let the excess glitter drain out. When the inside of the ornament is dried replace the cap.

You can add a sheer ribbon bow and some berries to further embellish or use as is.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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