Gobbles Card Holder


1 qty. 3 ½” x 3 ½” Cocoa Foamie #30041092

1 qty. 1 ¼” x 3 ½” Yellow Foamie #77613505

1 qty. 3 ½” x 3 ½” Orange Foamie #77613521

1 qty. 3” x 3” Red Foamie #77613604

6” of Yellow Chenille stem #77674200

2 qty. 7mm Moving Eyes #30055155



Scissors Pen/pencil

1/8” Hole Punch #77178541

Low temp Glue Gun #77536417 & Glue Sticks #77534479





Trace and cut out pieces from foamie according to the patterns.


Place the two moving eyes on the turkey’s face and glue in place. Right below, place the beak and glue in place. Place the red waddle over the beak as in the sample shown and glue in place.


Place a wing on either side of the body and glue in place.


Use the 1/8” hole punch and make two hole near the bottom of the body, about 1” apart. Thread the yellow chenille stem through the holes with the ends coming out from the front. Bend each end about ½” up. Glue a foot to each end of the chenille stem.


Place the two orange feather pieces on either side of the yellow feather piece. Next place the two red feathers on either side of the orange feather pieces. Arrange the feather pieces to make a fantail and glue the layers together. Glue the tail to the back of the turkey’s



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