Goodie Bag


1 qty. 3” x 4” Reclosable Bag #

1 qty. 3” x 5 ” Cardstock, your color choice

1 qty. 3” x 6” Printed Paper

” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013284

12” of ” Ribbon for bow Goodies for bag



Paper Trimmer #30017631

Ruler Paper Creaser #30003774

Medium Corner Rounder #30068369





Using the paper trimmer, cut the printed paper into two pieces, one 3” x 4” and one 3” x 2”.


Place the 3” x 4” piece of patterned paper on the cardstock, aligning with the bottom edge. Adhere with double stick tape.


On the opposite end, fold the cardstock over at the top of the printed paper edge (or 1 ” down). Place the 2” x 3” patterned paper on top of the flap, aligning the edges. Approximately ” of the printed paper will fold over to the back side. Adhere the paper to the cardstock.


Fill you reclosable bag with goodies. Place the bag onto the cardstock with the top tucking under the flap. Align the bottom edges of the bag and cardstock. Center the stapler at the middle of the top edge of the flap and staple through all thicknesses.


Turn the goodie bag over. Place a strip of double stick tape on the back over the staple. Center and lay the ribbon across. Turn the bag over to the front. Place a little tape over the staple. Bring the ends of the ribbon over the staple and tie a bow.  


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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